Manjuyod Sandbar from Cebu

Manjuyod Sandbar from Cebu

In order to reach the beautiful Manjuyod Sandbar from Cebu, you will have to get to Dumaguete and then to Bais City.

Let’s see the itinerary in detail.

From Cebu you can reach Dumaguete by plane, by ferry or by bus. Cebu Pacific operates an internal flight from Cebu to Dumaguete, and the journey takes about 40 minutes. The company OceanJet can get you from Cebu to Dumaguete by ferry, with a 4 hours journey. If you prefer to travel by land, you can take a bus from the Southbound Bus Terminal in Cebu, and you will get to Dumaguete in about 5 hours.

Once you got to Dumaguete, you can easily reach Bais City by jeepney at the Dumaguete - Bais terminal, or by bus at the Ceres Terminal. Aletnratively you can rent a car or a van.


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Manjuyod Sandbar from Cebu

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