Apo Island

Apo Island is a small paradise, a volcanic island which extends for 74 hectares south of the island of Negros. It's a marvellous place for both the beauty of the island and the kindness of the local people. You can dive and have fun swimming among a large amount of turtles, who are not scared by tourists.

The island is not well equipped for tourists and resorts are without running water, the water is supplied with bins from the hotel staff, and electricity works only from 6 P.M. to 10 P.M. (sometimes until midnight). It's a little discomfort that requires a bit of adaptation, but the good food and the solarity of the local population, which does not exceed a thousand of people, make it forget fast. Not to mention the coral beach... We recommend to spend at least one night on the island, to enjoy it calmly and without the confusion of the tourists arriving during the day. If you decide to stay a couple of days more, you can visit the marine sanctuary, a true local institution born about 30 years ago. Armed with mask and mouthpiece, and without the need for fins, you can immerse yourself in this botanical marine garden and swim among multicolored fishes. For this reason Apo Island is known as the island of clownfishes


Apo Island

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